Are you thinking of downsizing?

Great idea! Not only is it financially rewarding, allowing more freedom to travel, but it’s also a great way to lower your environmental footprint. No more wasted resources, space, time, or money! Need more convincing? Here are my four favourite perks of living in a smaller space:

More money for travel

One of the largest and most obvious benefits of downsizing is the increase in financial freedom. Moving into a smaller, more sustainable home can decrease your bills or eliminate them altogether. Lower your mortgage and stop paying to heat/cool square footage you haven’t seen in months. Who wouldn’t love lower bills and extra money? I take my money and run…to the airport!

Less time cleaning

No more dusting rooms that never get used, or spending hours strenuously cleaning on your days off. Smaller spaces might seem to clutter faster, but it only takes a few minutes of cleaning to make a satisfying difference. You’ll have much more time to enjoy the things you REALLY want to do like singing, collecting stamps, cooking, hiking, rescuing animals, surfing, yoga, wine tasting, volunteering, wrestling, gaming, knitting, dancing, bungee jumping, reading, or TRAVELLING!

Leave with ease

When you go away for any length of time, you need to find someone to help take care of things while youre gone. Living in a condo or apartment usually means there’s a strata, caretaker, or landlord to keep an eye out, mow the lawn and keep things tidy whether youre there or not. Or go as far as moving into a mobile tiny house that you can just pack up and take with you!

Packing is a breeze

When you have limited closet space, youre forced to be more organized (or more minimalist, like me). That being said, when everything has a place, it’s super easy to see and know what you want to pack. Use tricks from organizing your everyday life in your small space and apply them to your packing. My pro tip: use packing cubes as drawers” to keep your suitcase super organized.

Im always on the move, and keeping things simple and organized in my little home is easy. I love how it allows me to pick up and go travel whenever I get the feeling. If youre still unsure if downsizing will bring you the freedom you want and need, come find me at the Small Home Expo* this June, and Ill SHOW you more reasons why moving smaller means living bigger!

Happy Travels,
Emily Nunes – The Travel Agent Next Door

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*June 6th & 7th at the Tradex- Trade & Exhibition Center, Abbotsford BC

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